Robi 1600 SMS 16 TK Victory Day 2016 Offer!

Robi 1600 SMS 16 TK! All Robi users are Eligible to Buy Bijoy Dibosh 2016 offer 1600SMS@16TK. The Customer can enjoy 6 Days Validity. Are you Ready to buy this Robi Victory Day 2016 Offer 1600 on-net SMS at 16TK? If yes, Just Read more from the below and Try to Activate today

Robi 1600 SMS 16 TK Victory Day 2016 Offer Details

- Robi 1600 on-net SMS at 16 TK

- Subscribers needs to dial *123*16# for buy the pack

- SMS can be send only robi to robi or robi to airtel numbers

- validity 6 days

- SMS balance can be checked by dialing *222*10#.

- The Offer started from 16th December 2016 and will end on 17th December 2016

- 5% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariff inclusive of SD, and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.