Grameenphone 3G/4G internet packages 2018 | Price, Validity, Activation Code

Grameenphone 3G customers inform to you all GP updated their internet packages from 30th March 2015, previously they updated validity policy from 14 January 2015 all 3G monthly package validity 28 days for prepaid users

Package NamePrice (Including SD+VAT+SC)Validity (Days)Direct Dialing Code
Prepaid and postpaid
SMS Keyword to 5000 with Auto Renewal
Pay As You Go1.22 Tk/MBN/A*121*3000#PAYG
4MB2.52*121*3002#4mb on
35MB187*121*3003#35mb on
60MB223*121*3029#60mb on
75MB377*121*3004#75mb on
100MB5630*121*3005#100mb on
250MB11928*121*3006#250mb on
500MB14928*121*3007#500mb on
1.5GB22928*121*3027#1536MB ON
2GB33728*121*3009#2GB ON
3GB42728*121*3010#3GB ON
5GB60928*121*3012#5GB ON
10GB115728*121*3013#10GB ON
12GB152228*121*3014#12gb on
20GB243628*121*3015#20gb on
1GB Weekly947*121*3056#
2GB Weekly1297*121*3058#
4GB Weekly1797*121*3084#
250MB @ 31tk313*121*3083#
Whatsapp pack 20MB @Tk 2 20MB2.51*121*3070#
Viber 20MB Pack at Tk 2 with 20MB2.51*121*3063#
Daily Heavy Video pack61*121*3020#v40mb on
Weekly Video pack187*121*3019#v150mb on
Emergency data loan (10MB)52*121*3021#N/A
Facebook 1 Day1.51*121*3022#fb1 on
Facebook 7 Days67*121*3023#fb7 on
Facebook 28 Days1828*121*3024#fb28 on

• 5% (SD) + 15 % VAT with SD + 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable


• 28 days are applicable for Prepaid only. Postpaid customers will enjoy 30 days validity for the respective packages.

• To check internet balance, dial *121*1*4#

• to continue enjoying internet access at the default Pay As You Go rate (BDT 0.80/MB up to BDT 200; SD and VAT applicable).

• To cancel your current data pack, write CANCEL and send to 5000

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