Robi SCORE BOARD and choose your own BONUS offer

ROBI launched Score RUNS and choose your own BONUS offer for its customers, Under this offer users can choose their own bonuses and make game plans with Minutes, Internet, SMS & MMS by exchanging runs.

► offer details/conditions:

• all prepaid customers (without Nobanno 37) can get this offer.

• users need to recharge 23tk to participate the offer.

• offer validity is 23 days (including the recharge day)

• users can score 50 runs for every 11tk usage & can score maximum 900 runs in day.

• 11tk usage will be for local voice calls, local SMS, MMS and internet.

•  users can exchange the scored runs as per their wish for minute, SMS, MMS and internet.

•   Runs Exchange rate is:

= 1 Run = 1 onnet SMS
= 2 Runs= 1MMS
= 4 Runs=1 on net minute
= 6 Runs=1 MB internet

• If any user wants to exchange minute with 50 runs, he/she needs to dial *8555*50*4#.(free).

• at least 20 Runs for exchanging any items.

• to know cored runs dial *444*11# (free).

• for check their usage dial *444*23# (free)

• Runs and Bonus validity will be 2 days.

• Bonus usable time is :

= Minute: 00:00:00 hrs - 07:59:59 hrs (Robi-Robi)
= SMS & MMS: 00:00:00 hrs - 16:59:59 hrs (Robi-Robi)
= Data:  3:00:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs

• for Bonus Check: dial  *222*6# (Mins) *222*11# (SMS) & *222*13# (MMS) *222*81# (data)

• all prepaid packages users bonus minutes cannot be use to priyo number & Hoothut Chomok 32 customers(Only FNF) can avail the bonus minute in 24 hours.

• more details call helpline 123
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